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What I’m about to share with you is one of the most amazing techniques I have ever discovered and personally used. You know that I am against credit. I feel that it has done a tremendous amount to damage the well being of our society because it has gotten out of control. I do have to admit that there is also a good side to credit as well. Credit can do a tremendous amount to grow a business and create many jobs for hard working and ambitious people WHEN IT IS USED PROPERLY. Unfortunately, the majority of the time, credit in the hands of most consumers is NOT used properly.

The only time I can personally agree with the use of credit, is when it’s for the purpose of starting or expanding a business with a solid plan behind it. It is for this reason that I have decided to include this section for you. The following technique can get a persons credit profile off to a lightning fast start. I know this because I speak here from experience based on FACT and NOT theory. THIS METHOD WORKS!

This method is known as “Piggybacking.” This technique will allow you to build a very substantial credit profile in a very short period of time. This IS THE NUMBER ONE WAY TO OPEN AND BUILD A NEW CREDIT FILE! This is accomplished by “Piggybacking” an already existing and established credit profile onto your new file. For this technique to work best you will need someone with an excellent credit history-(preferably a close friend or relative) to act as your guarantor. Your guarantor will be converting many of their present credit accounts into joint accounts by adding your name as a co-applicant or secondary cardholder. Your guarantor will also eventually co-sign for you to get a credit account on your own which will be a joint account between you and your guarantor.

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